Thursday, August 26, 2010

Took a short break to get some work done

I know, I shouldn't take a break, I just got here for Pete's sake. I've been busy however, new shirts, more revamped shoes, a broken sewing machine, and finishing up costumes for my holy grail of con's, Dragon Con. It doesn't hurt that I met my husband there, but even without that happening, I'd still love Dragon Con. I've been to a lot of con's, both vending and just for fun. When you start working at a comic store at 16, it sets you on a path to geekdom like nothing else. Dragon*Con is just like SDCC except it's more party, less press junket.
Today I finished every commission I needed to finish for the convention, and I have a whole week before. There will be no sewing til 2am the day before this year. Yippie!!!! I did however get several new ideas for myself today, that will actuallly get to happen since I have the time to go them.

I have a great hopes on a geek fashion at the con post coming soon. I'm in need for any pictures you see of great geek fashion over Dragon Con weekend.

The It's-not -pink-skull-dress

This fabric called to me from accross the store. Called isn't a strong enough word actually, screamed Jinxy at the top of it's little fabic lung perhaps? Now I know that I have already raved about it but the finished product is reason enough to rave again.

I love it, whipped up a cute little belt and found a cute pair of shoes (on sale no less) that work with it and I'm uber happy about the whole thing.