Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dragon Con pictures

In order to make up for my massive slack in posting, I give you pictures from Dragon Con 2010

I'll start with my favorite, me with Stan "the Man" Lee!! Can I just tell you that after this was taken I did the happy dance of joy in the service elevator.
This was late on Saturday night and I *had* been in a grumpy as hell mood. I'd been in heels for too long prior and  changed into my "Siouxie Homemaker" tee and jeans. The when outside smoking, I had almost been hit with falling glass from a broken hotel window. When I got the call to go and escort someone I was hanging out in the bar at the Hilton with my husband and friends bitchin'. By the time I got back to the bar I was bouncing like a 4 year old going to Disney World..

Also from Saturday, Mac and I at the banquet. We were running late to get there in time and in the end I had three people helping me get my belt through the belt loops in my dress. I ended up thinking that I looked way "grandma" in the little over-jacket, and once it was unpacked and seeing how much it had unraveled in the shoulder made me really regret getting it in the first place.

As you can see however, I needed something to cover up the tan lines, yes that's right I had tan lines. Didn't get to many pics of me without the jacket and only got the 2 I have due to other people's cell phones.

I will admit that I helped a tiny bit on Turtle's costume. I made my first bow tie, helped her alter the jacket and convinced her to buy the penguin at the thrift store.
 (It was $3.00 and still had the $32.00 price tag on it.) Saying all that, I totally loved this costume. She had the facial expressions down and looked amazing.

Turtle also does a costume that I had much more to do with, Uncle Fester. Again, I can't say enough about how much Turtle throws herself into a role. She gets the looks down perfect. It's amazing and I'm in awe most of the time. The coat was one of the hardest things to sew just getting through all that material . I broke about 4 needles before I figured out the trick to sewing it. After that it came together wonderfully. This was not the first year Fester came out to play, but he's going to retire for awhile so I wanted to get the picture up. I didn't get any shots that I can find for Turtle's Fairy Hunter costume but I think I'm going to do something to coordinate with that one for next year.

Inuyasha was something out of my comfort zone that I made this year. I will say that between this outfit and the Chuck dress I did I was soooooooooooooooooooo sick of red. It came out really well though and was actually something that Tonya could wear and still deal with having her son with her at con which was a worry for me in the design. I had a great help in Mac in designing the necklace and although I don't have a picture at the moment, I have to tell everyone that Mac made some kickin' teeth for the necklace.
Being a huge Pushing Daisies fan I was thrilled to make this dress. It was something that I wanted to actually costume for myself at some point but Lindsay beat me to . She and Yuri make the best Chuck and Ned and I even can forgive her for skipping out on her last fitting since she had a great reason to not come back to Georgia prior to Dragon Con,.....she got married!

My pride and joy skull dress was a huge hit and I had several offers to buy it off my back. This dress will be seen again. The shoes I thought would be perfect weren't, so the hunt continues. I'm planning on redoing the belt into a wider version but I'd like to finish the companion dress first. I am now firmly cemented in my love for sundresses.

This was my fifth Dragon Con and a great anniversary for Mac and I. We went to Trader Vic's and Nancy's, hung out with great friends, met some new friends and worked our tails off.