Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crafting Space envy

     I have been massively obsessed as of late, not with panatone's color of the year Emerald, not with Anthony Bourdain who is the original asshole chef, and not even with Kevin Bacon  in the creepy-as-hell watch-with-the-lights-on "The Following".
     Nope, I have become addicted at checking out other people's craft rooms.Seeing these beautifully put together rooms, with islands to craft on, beautiful cabinets for storage, fabric storage that is color-coded and wonderful, and generally feeling like I need to completely revamp my work space.

     Check out Beckie's from Infarrantly Creative new space. All that light is just amazing. Not to mention she built it all herself. That's right she built the cabinets!
 All the storage you could dream of, custom for what she needed.

           This is seriously something that I could get behind, I could spend hours figuring out the right way to fit everything in. 

     Then we have this lovely, and peaceful looking spot from JDS Designs. As my dogs are barking their heads off trying to get to the squirrel that's teasing them on the other side of the slider door, all I can think about is trying to crawl into this space.
     I love the peg board and the glass topped workspace, don't get me started on the light.

I do really love this room, but I'm not sure that I could ever be comfortable in it. I am the uber-klutz, hence my Jinxy nickname, and can stain just about everything. I would live in fear about painting or dying or dropping a chocolate cupcake, or anytime it rains and the dogs get muddy.

       Then we have Vicki Boutin's Creative Spaces I just love the table and the chandler. I am a recovering goth, but honestly even if I was all about the pastels, those two pieces would catch my eye.

     So there you have it, beautiful rooms that inspire me to get my act together. Soon (after I clean the hell out of it) I'll show you the space I'm working in and the plans I have for pulling it together.  Unfortunately at the moment this is what I should be doing instead of blogging.

     I'll have a post about my current crafting space up soon, along with my inspiration and plans for what I'm going to do.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Iron Craft Toy Challenge

     I was thrilled that this challenge was a toy challenge, mostly because I'm about 12 at heart.  I knew  right off the bat it was going to be a stuffie, but not sure what to make. Then I looked at the date the challenge was due and realized that it was The Day of the Tally Marks. So it had to be Doctor Who.

      This is Rory Williams, he's been dead,...a lot, and no longer dead,...a lot. I really like him and thought that he needed to be made into a stuffie.

     I watch Doctor Who, I have since I was 11 when my Dad showed it to me. It was on a PBS station out of Boston and Tom Baker (#4) was my first Doctor. So Boston and Doctor Who are tied together in my mind.
     About halfway into making Rory, I thought about making him an Amy and auctioning off both for the The One Fund Boston.

     So instead of a long tute on how to make a Rory stuffie, I'm going to draw it out a bit until I finish Amy and get the auction set up.

     I am torn on what outfit to do for Amy, her Kiss-o-gram one, or maybe what she wore in in The Wedding of River Song.

I do know what's next, I'm going to do The Doctor, River, Rory and Amy from The Impossible Astronaut.