Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Iron Craft Cotton challenge 2013

For my very first Iron Craft Challenge, the theme is cotton. Since I remake, restyle and re-purpose tee shirts more then anything else I was thrilled when I read this. Especially since I found out about Iron Craft 2013 the day before I was going for minor surgery. I'd really wanted to do a weekly or a bi-monthly craft challenge this year so get back on top of blogging and crafting.
Since it was something that I truly felt I could do in my sleep,  I wasn't too concerned about the possibility of "biting off more then I could chew."

*I have never written a tute before & this may not make a lot of sense*

I knew exactly the shirt to do a little Hack and Slash to, I saw this a few months ago on Ript before I had to go cold turkey from tee shirt sites for the holidays.
 This was an "instabuy",not only am I all about Star Wars, but I love WWII nose cone art. I forget that men's shirts are just to boxy and for every kick-ass one I get, I have to alter. I tend to have a pile around cause "Instabuys" happen a lot.

I wanted to make the neckline from a crew to a boat neck, take in the sides to fix the fit, and have it look more flattering.
I measured out 5.5 inches from dead center, and about an inch below the existing neckline and connected the marks with a gentle curve and then cut it out and double checked on the soon to be infamous duct tape dress form.

I then laid out the sleeves and using the shoulder seam for a guide, cut out about 1/2 inch. I do this on a lot of my shirts to insert a contrasting fabric, lace, or too add a drawstring to gather up the sleeves.

I used a great leftover orange jersey and cut it into 2 inch strips. Using a 1/4 inch seam allowance and a jersey needle and put a panel in each arm.
I had to stuff the sleeves to get a decent shot of this, as the infamous duct tape dress form has kinda jacked-up shoulders. 
 At this stage I was really thinking that I was just going to use a twin needle and turn over the neckline.
However, the more I looked at the great contrast between the orange and the grey, the more I needed just a bit more.

 On the fly (hence no pictures), I took 3 of my 2 inch strips of orange and starting that the center of my new neckline I stitched them on, right side to right side,
 folded them to a v in the front and then in half and stitched it down.  I have to say that I love this look so much. I really love when a happy accident works out well.

I then flipped it inside out, took a shirt that fits me exactly the way I like, and used that as a guide to take in the sides.

My finished result is actually better then I had hoped going into the Cotton Challenge.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Teaser for Iron Craft 2013

 I'm going to be 40 in less then a month and still (and will continue too) buy geek tee's with a vengeance. This is my current favorite and what I picked to possibly destroy for my first Iron Craft challenge.
The challenge is cotton and since I just about hack about every cotton tee I own, I figured I should go with my strengths.
I found out about Iron Craft 2013 the day the first challenge was announced and the day before I had minor surgery. I wanted to do it, but really didn't want to stress myself out. I ended up doing another shirt to make sure that I could do what I wanted with my Star Wars one and therefore ended up doing 2 entirely different shirts.
Only I can double my workload for creativeness sake.

Tomorrow is the big reveal and I'm really excited about it.
Check back and see how it came out.