Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Orange ya glad it's furry

     I'm a day late on this posting, between back to back doctor visits, end of the year taxes for the business, google searches on fine hair and trying to figure out if my planning my own 40th birthday party is a bad or a good thing, things have been a little hectic around here.
     I'm normally all good on the crafting and a bit shit on the blogging but I'm attempting to change that. Hence calling myself out for slacking off, I need to find away to not get distracted and stay on track just a little better. It's already taken me longer then I care to admit to write 2 puny paragraphs and add a picture.

Iron Craft 2013 Orange Challenge
      I'm really enjoying the Iron Craft 2013, I like having a goal, I like that it's not weekly and with the few extra rules that I added to help me reduce my stash, revive my home and create things that I may not have thought about before.

     Challenge 2 was the color orange, not normally a color I have a lot of in my life. Well to be honest, color isn't anything I have to much of in my life. 
So being able to branch out a bit was interesting.

     I used my tee-shirt purse pattern with a few small alterations. I wanted to "frame" the orange a bit better. I also changed the shoulder strap that I tend to do on these bags to these clear acrylic hoops that I wound with strips of the same suede that I used for the bottom and sides.
 I am pleased with how it turned out, I got a ton of compliments on it at my visit to the Doctor's office today. I'm not sure that leather working is my calling. I have enough suede to work on the next fabric/material combo bag, but it can wait a bit.

handle detail

lining shot
      I did the lining in leapord honestly because it was the only thing in my stash that went in the slightest. It also matches the incredible awesome purse organizer that I got for Chrsitmas in 2012 and couldn't live without. I can change my entire purse in about 30 seconds now and I love it.
I think she has one in every color

 I do have enough of the orange furry to do something, or several somethings actually. I'm torn between making some monsters with it or a stole like the ones that Sophie wears in 2 Broke Girls. Right now I'm thinking monsters and a stole,...maybe?

The next Challenge is Hearts and Flowers, due on the 12th, the day before my 40th birthday. This could be a lot of fun, a total train wreck, or a totally fun train wreck. I'm up for it.