Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Force of July

Our 4th weekend started off Saturday, with a surprise in the front yard. A rather large snapping turtle we found walking Max before we headed to the Sandy Springs Farmer's Market

He'd left by the time we got back but was wandering around this morning again. I'm just a little shocked to see one so far away from water. The only time I've ever seen them prior to this weekend was at the lake my family used to spend summers at.

After the farmer's market I finished up with my redo of our back porch. It's a good as it's going to get until we repaint it.

The before picture, complete with Tiby, pollen and the awful print on the benches.

The after, recovered benches, added pillows, painted tables, and a fresh coat of white paint on whatever needed it and it's done. Now it feels relaxing and cool.

The 4th started out lazy and stayed that way, just laid back and relaxed. We grilled a little and ate out on the new and improved porch then drugged the puppy for the onslaught from the neighbors. Max doesn't care for fireworks. So we hearded everyone down to the workroom and turned up the tv. Still Max ended up hiding under Mac's desk all evening.

Then while watching Spike TV's the Force of July marathon, I put the finishing touches on my latest dress and finished the belt that goes with it.

Here's a close up of the belt detail and the fabric. I found this for a dollar a yard and didn't get enough. Besides the dress I also made a very cute skirt. There is a turquoise detail on the fabric that's just really amazing looking in person. I just can't seem to get it to photograph.

The rest of the weekend was spent making a bunch of hair things for my esty page and watching the heck out of every Star Wars movie with my hubby.

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