Monday, February 18, 2013

I'd forget my head! a.k.a. (I just turned 40 and am already losing it)

     This is the week of my birthday, I'm 40. Things have been busy since my Darling Husband Mac wanted to throw me a big-ass (tm) party. Unfortunately he doesn't really know how to do that, so I've been in full-tilt mode getting things ready. So I'm days late posting about my Iron Craft Challenge

     This totally stinks because:
  1. I was ready early! 
  2. I wrote it down. I really really thought I wrote it down. 
  3. I couldn't even make it a month without forgetting. 

      I did a hearts and flowers with
 everything from my stash!
I had a dollar store wicker wreath, two well matched ribbons, that were bought at least 2 years apart (if I remember correctly), and these great felt heart cutouts that have been floating around my craft room for years.
     I was really struck by the pink ribbon when I first saw it, which was odd cause I'm not a pink fan. Normally my tastes run to deep reds and purples. 
 The pale blue was picked out for a project that ended up in the dumpster. When I saw them side by side on my ribbon holder, it just worked so well together that I was amazed.
     I sat down and played with it for an hour or two while I caught up with what was on my DVR. In fact, I think I wrapped it 7 or 8 times until I came up what I did.
     It's a super skinny wreath and I really wanted to showcase the ribbon and the varied color pallet in it.
 After I found a wrap that worked for me it looked scrawny and that's where the ribbon down the middle came from. My favorite part is the felt hearts.

     It's not the colors I use a normally for my valentine's decorations. I tend to be a bigger fan (as you'll soon see) red, black, white, and a touch of silver. 
     That must be why I'm very surprised by how much I like how this turned out.


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  1. Happy Birthday! I love how your husband wanting to throw a party turns into your running around getting it ready.