Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Doctor Who Auction

Bad Girls Go Everywhere: Doctor Who Auction
So, after showing everyone my envy of beautiful serene craft spaces I got obsessive about finishing a project I'm auction for the One Fund Boston. It was really hard to stay focused on getting Amy done cause I figured out a way to brighten up my own area a color palette and was ready to start working right away. I do not stay focused easily I've found. However they're both done and up for auction today!

     You can find the auction here: 

     It's been up for 24 minutes as I write this and it's already at $15, I'd love to see it go for at least $100 but I'm truly happy for any amount.

     I have a fantastic group of friends who are helping spread the word about the auction and I can not thank them enough. 

I am currently working on a tutorial how to make a stuffie and will have that up soon. As well as my craft room upgrade, the current Iron Craft challenge using notions, and a birthday present for my BFF that I'm not going to be sharing publicly until the big day!


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