Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lair Dwellers a.k.a. My First Podcast


     About a week ago, I drove North and showed up at an old high school friend's house to be on a podcast he takes part in. I had a seriously fantastic funny time with three guys.  I actually hadn't seen Noah in over 20 years, and only in recent weeks had either of us realized that we lived in the same state, let alone within 20 miles of one another.
    It was painless and since they plied me with beer and bad jokes, this isn't within the realm of PG-13 but it's wicked funny and apparently the first of three.
     You can find it here!  Check out the rest of the, tell your friends, Hell, tell total strangers and lastly give them 5 stars in iTunes so they can quit their day jobs and do nothing but talk about geek stuff and drink beer.

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